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Mostly Free Software

So, we have told you about mostly free software; but what does that really mean?

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Our recommended VPS

There are many options when deciding where to host your website. These range from hosting at the ...

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Latest Security Item

Say 'No' to Chrome

2019-06-21 Review: Google Chrome has become surveillance software. It's time to switch
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We help companies to replace expensive, privacy-stealing, software with open source alternatives. We'll plan this out for you; and if you prefer, we will provide the helping-hands to implement the plan. Training is available as well.

Here is the basic idea:

The large proprietary software vendors, like Microsoft; and platforms such as Facebook, are showing themselves to be insecure, even as their respective costs skyrocket. Data pushed to proprietary cloud infrastructure is often hacked in grand scale, with no real recourse — and you don't really fully know who is accessing it. Or why...

You are losing control of your data and it is costing you a lot to do so! We work with your chosen staff to review the best places to add in privacy-conscious (and far less expensive) open source software. We will organize things in a way that is the least disruptive to your business.

Operating Systems

Operating Systems

We help to move you from Windows and MacOS to Linux

We do this piece on-site.

Packaged Apps

Packaged Applications

We help to move you from proprietary applications to open source alternatives.

We do this piece on-site.


Internal Code

We can rewrite/port your code to open and free tools.

We can do this anywhere across the US or Canada.

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Please try our savings calculator below to see if we can help you.

Enter the quantities of items that you might replace.
Note that the retail prices shown in red are Yearly charges.
Applicable taxes or other fees are **not included**.

The green section shows the tools and apps that would replace the items on the left. While most of these would be free, a small fee or percentage is included to help these developers with costs — so that they will be there in the future as well.

Our own fee would be a small, agreed-upon-in-advance, percentage of the overall savings.

There are MANY OTHER possibilities than those shown below! While we will make additional recommendations; please let us know if you have a particular application that you would like alternatives for and we will help to select the best answer.

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