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(NEWS) Privacy Policy
by @admin, january 01, 2012, 12:10am utc

Both yours and ours

The information that we collect:

  • If you sign-up online, we then store the information that you provide to sign-up with. If you provide an email address to receive newsletters, we then retain your email address to send the newsletters to you.

  • We store standard browser metrics to understand if our pages have problems and also to optimize for the types of systems (mobile vs desktop; Linux |Windows |Mac |mobile OS |etc) using our site. This includes IP and referrer data; which are useful to watch for hacking attempts.

  • We send|sell|give|share this information with NO OTHER company or organization. If we are forced to by court orders, then we must do so.

  • We do not use tools from other companies (who provide them mostly to track users everywhere).

    • That means, you will find no Google analytics here (or Google-anything),
    • no external site usage/tracking software,
    • no Facebook hooks, that Facebook then gleans your info from,
    • no other feeds of your data to outside spots.
  • We do not use Paypal and we will never email you to ask for credit card or related information.

  • (if you choose to do so) we store two cookies, which contain your preferences for browsing the blog. If you do not set these preferences, no cookie is ever stored. If you have a log in, these preferences are stored in a database rather than a cookie.

These cookies are only used to allow guest users to view the blog the way they wish to; and can be deleted at any time.

How information we store is protected

  • We use SSL/TSL connections to encrypt data between you and our servers.

  • We store user information in encrypted databases.

Privacy policy updates.

We do not anticipate many changes to the above text, as this has been our policy for 20+ years; but if changes are needed they will be made to this page.

We really try not to send out information by bulk email that is not 100% necessary to all users; but if you would like to have us email you with any privacy policy changes, we would be pleased to do so. contact us here for that.

Also -- if you have questions or constructive suggestions about our privacy policy, we welcome you sending them via our contact page.

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