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(TIP) Replacing Familiar Tools: Baobab to ease the move to Linux
by @News, march 13, 2019, 12:09am utc

A popular Windows tool is WinDirStat, which shows a graphical display of the files on a drive or folder. This is great for quickly finding large uses of disk space; largest files; etc.

Perhaps the Linux tool that looks the most like WinDirStat is gdmap.

But gdmap lacks a right-click menu or similar approach to be able to View a particular file; delete the file; or even to open a folder to the corresponding file -- for you to do so on your own. It looks pretty; but does not work pretty.

An interesting alternative to try is baobab.


baobab optionally shows a text list of the files off to the right; or you can choose just to deal with the graphical version on the right. You can drill into folders and open the folder holding a given file, right from the graphical presentation.

To install baobab

$ sudo apt-get install baobab

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